MARC’s policy is that all persons interested in volunteer status at MARC will adhere to MARC’s Volunteer Policy. All volunteers will be subject to categorization in order to ensure appropriate training and a clear definition of their responsibilities. Application and training requirements for each categorization is as follows:



Volunteers who are working for MARC, but do not expect, or intend to have contact with the individuals MARC supports, will be considered Level I volunteers. Examples would be serving on the board of directors, or perhaps doing landscaping for the organization. A Level I volunteer would be required to submit an application and pass a background.


Volunteers considered to be level II would be those people that have minimal incidental contact with MARC consumers such as doing a Bingo Night or participating in a group outing. Level II volunteers would never have total responsibility for the welfare of the individuals served. A Level II volunteer would be required to submit an application, criminal history disclosure form if applicable, have a background check, and Abuse & Neglect training.



Volunteers who assume responsibility for the welfare of someone served by MARC will be considered Level III volunteers and required to take all appropriate training before assuming that responsibility. This includes but not limited to a background check and an acceptance and understanding of the confidentiality policy. A Level III volunteer would be required to submit an application, criminal history disclosure form if applicable, have a background check, Abuse & Neglect training and complete all applicable Volunteer Training.



MARC will provide a thorough orientation to new volunteers in regard to MARC programs in which they participate. Volunteer orientation will include, but is not limited to:


  • Volunteer Policy

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements

  • Confidentiality

  • Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation reporting procedures

  • Alcohol and Drug Policy

    • Use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs during MARC sponsored activities and trips is strictly prohibited

  • Initial orientation regarding rules and volunteer responsibilities. New volunteers will be scheduled to volunteer with seasoned volunteers until they are competent and comfortable with their volunteer responsibilities

  • MARC volunteers will be assisted by facility staff at Pop Bottle and administrative/leisure time activities staff on other outings

  • Individual orientation for volunteers who participate in the leisure time activities program, i.e. vacation trips, hunting and/or fishing/camping trips, etc. will be provided. Minor children of volunteers will not be allowed to go on outings or trips unless the child is old enough to be a volunteer.


MARC will provide telephone numbers for MARC administrator-on-call, program staff, and MARC Executive Director for use in any emergency situation or when the volunteer feels uncomfortable with any person or situation. Volunteers may contact the state directly if they feel they need to do so. ICF/MR Reporting Number: 1-800-498-9858; HCS Reporting Number: 1-800-647-7418.


MARC encourages volunteers to report any staff misconduct or lack of staff support to MARC’s Executive Director.