ICF/ID Residential Program


MARC’s Intermediate Care Facility for the Intellectually Disabled (ICF/ID) Program provides residential services with a 24-hour care program. Each residence is located within community neighborhoods and houses from six to 13 individuals. All residents have individualized program plans that are co-developed by the client and his/her Interdisciplinary Team, with the objective of helping clients achieve necessary skills to become as independent as possible. MARC currently operates six homes licensed as ICF/ID residential homes.  


HCS Residential Program


MARC’s Home & Community Based Services program (HCS) includes Residential Homes, In-Home Support, Supported Home Living and Foster Care. Each person supported in the HCS program participates in a job-related activity provided by MARC.

  • Residential Homes have four residents living in each home. Residents participate in programs developed by their support team, including goals to help each individual obtain the highest level of independence possible.

  • In-Home Support allows an individual to live in his or her own home with MARC staff available to implement programming and training.

  • Supported Home Living is a program for individuals who choose to live in their own homes or apartments. The individual’s support team develops a plan with goals the person wishes to achieve. Staff supports the individual with training, transportation and social opportunities.

  • Foster Care is a facet of HCS whereby adults live with their families or other approved foster parent. The individual’s support team develops a program to be implemented at home. The person may attend MARC’s vocational program or other available day programs. As the individual’s provider of services, MARC offers leisure time opportunities and other activities to the individual and his or her family.




MARC’s Daily Enrichment (day habilitation) program was developed to address the needs of individuals with disabilities who have not obtained work skills. Although the more than 60 men and women included in this program do not have jobs in a work environment, MARC’s staff strive to help each individual reach his or her highest level of ability in an extended learning environment. Each individual client receives 1:1 mentoring during the daily curriculums, and together with MARC staff, the client may set personal achievement goals to include development in the areas of communication, self-awareness, speech, social skills and general well-being. MARC believes that every individual we serve deserves to experience life enriching activities. For more information, contact Gayla Strickland at (432) 894-6709.




While most adults have the opportunity to go to work each day, people with disabilities have an unemployment rate of over 60%. At MARC, our goal is to provide an array of vocational opportunities to help people obtain a job or be involved in an employment environment based on their individual abilities and personal goals. 

A number of MARC clients have successfully obtained and kept jobs in our community at businesses including Target, Home Depot, Chick-Fil-A, McDonald's, Cracker Barrel, Gold's Gym, Outback Steakhouse and Albertson's. In addition, MARC has a lawn service business with dual income - providing a choice of jobs for clients and creating a revenue stream for MARC.