Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance Volunteer
Volunteer Reports to: Director of Environmental Services
Summary: MARC operates and maintains a fleet of vehicles used in the care and transportation of clients. These vehicles experience the usual wear and tear expected with regular use. The vehicle maintenance volunteer will assist in keeping vehicles in top operating shape.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
• Vacuuming/detailing vehicles
• Vehicle checks – water, oil, tires etc.
• Inspect vehicles for safety and general condition
• Perform scheduled maintenance
• Duties include but not limited to: oil changes, topping off fluids, airing tires, other car maintenance
• Perform minor repairs and updates
• Complete and submit online volunteer application
• Pass background check
• Have minor knowledge/background in automotive care and maintenance
• Must be able to lift 30 pounds
• Must be dependable and punctual
• Must have a passion for serving others
• Respect and maintain confidentiality of MARC, clients, volunteers, partners, and donors.
Training and Supervision
• Complete volunteer orientation
Time Commitment
• As needed
• Hours are negotiable and will be determined by size of individual project